Near the broad fields of Denton, Nebraska, stands a magnificent edifice. The building is Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, one of two major seminaries of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. The glory of the building lies not only in the beauty of its architecture, but in the prayer life and studies taking place daily within its walls, spiritual and academic efforts dedicated to the formation of priests for service to the Roman Catholic Church.

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Priestly formation is the most important work of our Fraternity. Our Lady of Guadalupe International Seminary provides an opportunity for English language students to test their vocational call in the Catholic tradition founded upon the sound teachings, principles and method of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of the Church.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
7880 West Denton Road
Denton, NE 68339 USA
Tel. (402) 797-7700